Blog Entry 012: Signing Off

This will be my last blog entry in this little blog of mine exclusively for my LTS course and tonight’s our graduation! For this blog entry, I will present my insights about my student’s performance and progress.

So I first met my student when we were supervising the pre-assessment exams. He was doing fairy well and I didn’t catch him copying from another student’s test paper, rather another student was trying to take a peek of his paper, but he was gently reminded that it was to be answered independently.

For the duration of our time together, my student displayed an above satisfactory understanding of the lessons and performed well in the activities. He was able to answer most of the activities correctly without assistance, but there are instances when he’d commit errors in writing. He’s generally good at reading and is good at identifying which letter an object starts with.

As for his attitude in learning, he didn’t really show particular interest in learning about literacy nor did he take initiative during our activities. His enthusiasm started to decrease over time. He still did did the required activities, but that’s all he did.

As a teacher, I feel like I’ve failed in such a way that I wasn’t able to help my student take interest in learning about literacy. I wasn’t able to make our sessions interesting enough for him to feel excited about performing the activities. I wasn’t able to make the lessons seem engaging to him. And I wasn’t able to perform well, as his teacher, enough to make him want to take summer lessons.

But I do hope he learned a few things from me and our sessions together. I know that he’s a fast-learner, so hopefully he’d be able to pick things up quickly during his regular classes.

I think my LTS class really taught me a lot on how to be a more effective teacher. I really need to commit more time to study lesson plans and prepare the activities enjoyable to students. I need to work harder to keep my student’s attention on the activities at hand. And I need to make our sessions fun enough for them to take an interest in learning and in literacy.

Teaching my student might have been very challenging to me and I might have not fully overcome it, but I did learn a lot from this course and I enjoyed what I was able to do with it, as well.



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