Blog Entry 010 & 011: May 8 & 15

Took me a while to update here because I’ve been really busy with my other classes. This class is as important to me as any other class, but I’ve been having problems with my other classes, so I kinda set this one aside for a moment.

Anyways, for the last two meetings of my LTS course, our class was divided into two: those tutees whose students were there and those without students. The former continued with the lesson plans while the latter were tasked the group together and perform a storytelling activity.

For both meetings, I was part of the storytelling group of the class. And, for the life of me, I can’t remember the titles of the two stories I was assigned to, but I can briefly explain what they’re about. So, the first story was about a kid who’s in a “magic chair” and his best friend. Not only did they travel to many places, but they also got to experience many wonderful and exciting things. It is revealed in the ending that the “magic chair” was a wheel chair and that with their incredibly vast imagination, they were able to make it all happen. Although the other kids weren’t able to realize it, the person in the wheel chair is also like them in every way, except one. They didn’t travel to the places nor did they get to experience wonderful and exciting things. And that’s their loss.

For the second story, it was about a town that was black and white because the whole place was covered in a thick layer of dust. Then, one day, a man with colorful clothes appeared and started a movement by cleaning a chair. The chair turned out to be red! And so the other townspeople started cleaning up, revealing that their town is actually filled with vivid colors!

So I think the storytelling performances for both of the meetings and the activities we had after the storytelling for the last meeting went very well. I think the groups were well-planned and very prepared to perform the story they were assigned to, complete with props and tricks that make the story more thrilling to listen to. Most of the students were attentive while the story was being told and cooperative while they were enjoying the game. Our professors even provided prizes for the winners and snacks afterwards.



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