Blog Entry 008 & 009: April 17 & 24, 2017

Okay, so I wasn’t able to post entries for the past two Mondays yet and since nothing much happened, I decided to put it all in this one post.

For April 17, my student wasn’t around again, so I teamed up with two other tutors to teach one of their students, Philip. I didn’t last long there because Ma’am called for a few tutors to group up and to present a story.

I’ve forgotten the exact title of the storybook, but it was about an edible planet where the inhabitants, called “Nguyamyams”, ate and drank  the planet to their heart’s content. One nguyamyam realized the dangerous effects this might have, so he tried to warn the people. No one listened to him, so he got his family and flew to another planet. They got to safety, but they had to watch their old planet get smaller and smaller ’till it was no more. They then agreed to take care of their new planet and that’s how the story ends.

It was a very nice story and, in a subtle way, it talks about the environment and its resources. It teaches a valuable lesson that we shouldn’t take our resources for granted, rather we should take good care of it because the Earth is our home.

I admit that we weren’t able to present it as properly as we would’ve liked due to disorientation between our group of presenters, but in the end, we were able to fix it and end the story in a good way.

For April 24, there were less students. I was late and my student wasn’t there again, so I joined a group of two tutors and their student. I really should’ve noted the things for this blog during the lesson or right after it because I keep forgetting a lot of details. I remember that Claire was one of the tutors, but I can’t remember the name of the other tutor and the student we were teaching at the time.

The student was studying advanced lessons already, so we didn’t follow any particular lesson plan. She was having problems with vowels, so we focused on that. She was able to write the alphabet and identify the letters and how it sounds. We also read two storybooks to her and she was able to answer the questions related to the story during and after listening to us read it.

After the lesson, a new story was presented by a new set of tutors. It was also about the environment but the it was portrayed in another way.

The next session will be on May 8 because there won’t be any classes on Monday since it’s a holiday (Labor Day). I hope the students would still come and enjoy the lessons and fun we have for that session.


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