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Blog Entry 006: March 27, 2017

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to meet with my tutee, Don Miguel, this session. Summer break has already started for them, so it’s not a mandatory thing to go to school anymore. There were still some students who were practicing for their graduation at the gym and a few who still came for our teaching session.

So, I paired up with Thea to teach her students, Johnrick and Mike. During the session, I observed that Mike was generally quiet while Johnrick was a bit playful. They were able to perform well in the activities, though there were times when they weren’t focused on the task at hand.

They were able to follow the plot of the stories and answer the guide questions after. They correctly spelled the words in the tachistoscope and matched it with the corresponding picture. They also enjoyed playing the memory game (which is also the matching game). There were times when they didn’t follow the instructions and flip the other cards to find the match of the one they’re holding, but I guess that’s only normal. We tried correcting them, but they were having fun with the game, so we let it be.

We took a break from studying after we finished one of the two lesson plans we had for that day to make paper airplanes and let it  glide around the place. It was a fun experience, since I didn’t know how to make one before. Although I wasn’t able to make a proper one that day either, I made one and it flew anyway.

I didn’t have that much trouble getting their attention, since they seemed interested enough with the tasks, except when they really wanted to make paper airplanes. We were inside a big classroom with chairs and walls, so it was easier to make do with the teaching materials. For example, we were able to tape a manila paper on the wall. Written there with sentences with blanks. The words that would fill the blanks were taped on the wall, as well. So, they would take the taped words and tape it in its proper place in the manila paper.

We gave them pencils with a small note that invited them to go to the next session, even if their classes have already ended. Hopefully, they would still attend, along with the other students.



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