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Blog Entry 004: March 13, 2017

Last week’s session was a bit more challenging than the previous sessions because there was a shortage of teachers, so rather than having a one-on-one session with Don, we had a three-on-one session with his two other classmates, Chrisdale and Aidan. Sure it was very challenging to get them to cooperate with our activities for the day, but it was also more fun because there wasn’t a dull moment in the session. It was either they were very noisy and playful while performing the activities or they were running around and chasing each other.

It was quite hard to get them to focus their attention to the activities I had prepared, but we did end up accomplishing all the tasks for that session. They didn’t need much guidance with telling the story, Nang Sumakit Ang Ngipin ni Mando, because they got the necessary observations from the pictures were about to use their inferences in story-telling. Though they were very rowdy in identifying and differentiating the things that start with the letters “Aa” and “Mm”, they did the task very well with little correction needed. And for the second story, apparently, they had encountered a similar story before, so reading it to them and putting an emphasis to the words with the letter “Mm”. wasn’t that hard.

By the time we reached the tachistoscope activity, they were too rowdy to properly cooperate with the activity. I had a difficult time trying to pacify them. I noticed that they spelled some of the words incorrectly by misplacing the letters and they ended up spelling them reversely. For example, when I asked them to spell “MAMA”, the word they formed with the tachistoscope was “AMAM”. So then, I corrected them. Hopefully, they were able to listen to my correction even though they were already too distracted with playing with each other and the tachistoscope.

I had to ask the help of another teacher for the last activity, the memory game, because I was already having too much trouble getting their attention. They also started running around again, so I had to chase them down. Fortunately, my co-teacher was already done with her students and was willing to help out. She made the activity a sort of game where the students have to race each other into finishing the word corresponding to the given picture first.

I’ve observed that they had already understood the “Mm” and “Aa” lessons very well, but need a bit of help with spelling out words. Since they were able to perform the activities with an above satisfactory rating, I’m considering whether or not I should ask for some advanced lessons to give to them.

Hopefully, next meeting would still be as lively as this one, but also less rowdy. It is still a challenge for me to get and to maintain their attention to the lesson, but I’ve been progressing as the weeks go by, so I just need to try harder and harder.


One thought on “Blog Entry 004: March 13, 2017

  1. Were you able to address these concerns- their listlessness and rowdiness last session (March 27, your missing blog :)? If not yet, I suggest that you design the activities in a fun and gamelike ways because it seems that your tutees would love playing games.


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