Blog Entry 003: March 6, 2017

Hello again! Only posting this week because we didn’t have class last week due to the suspension of classes in San Vicente Elementary School. Classes were suspended because of the national transport strike that occurred that day.

Last session, I’ve noticed that Don has become more playful and while it is good that he’s somewhat active, I feel that it takes some of his interest in the lesson we were discussing at the time. But, as usual, that wasn’t a hindrance to his excellent performance in our tasks. He also observed that all the other kids were doing the same activities as we were. When I asked him if he wanted me to give him extra activities, he declined politely.

I’d say that he understood the lessons very well, but he doesn’t show any interest in learning advanced lessons or supplementary lessons. He differentiated the things that started with the letters “Aa” and “Mm” properly and he found the activity where he was supposed to color the things starting with “Aa” and “Mm” in particular colors very easy and even joked about it saying it was just in alternating order.

When we read the prescribed books, I had to guide him with the wordless storytelling, but he was able to fill out the blanks I laid out for him. He showed understanding of the story and how the character felt in the scenarios that happened in the story.

He still doesn’t show much initiative in learning more about literacy, but I’ve observed that he performs very well in our tasks. Hopefully, our future activities would make him more interested in learning more about it.

The challenges I faced during last sessions was getting him immersed in our activity. Although he did show more interest in it than he had in our previous sessions, I feel that it still isn’t enough to make him actively chase after more knowledge about literacy.

I tried facing the challenges by making my materials look more interesting and it worked a bit. Hopefully next session, I will be able to get his attention easier and make him enjoy the lessons more.



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